Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

There is an overload of information on the Internet. It takes a lot of time to read all the material and sift through to know what is best suitable; not to mention our cognitive biases also hamper our decisions. Therefore search engines like Google are not substitutes for advice that caters to your specific needs; that too from qualified professionals with experience.

Advice is based on individual's current situation, future needs and aspirations and constraints like income, debt, risk appetite, etc. An expert advisor is an adept who takes into consideration the above factors before arriving at a solution.

Here is our panel of expert advisors and their areas of expertise:

1. SEBI Registered Investment Advisers Investment advisory, Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Portfolio Management.
2. Chartered Accountants – CA by ICAI Accounting including: writing up accounts, financial statements, book-keeping & complex financial analysis. Audit includes: reviewing financial statements of individuals/ organizations & also if they are in accurate and in accordance with the applicable rules, regulations & compliances.
3. Advocates/Lawyers Intellectual property issues like copyright trademark, patent dealings. Family issues like real estate, property & documentation of property.
4. CS- Company Secretary ICSI Advising Board of Directors on; corporate governance, director’s duties like managing interest area of shareholders, issues of conflict in interest, investor guidelines, strategic management of funds, control of operations, analysis of data & budgeting.
5. ICWA- Indian Cost & Works Accountant Product pricing, planning investment proposals, inventory control, export potential along with marketing & finances. Project management including strategic management of funds, control of operations, analysis of data & budgeting.
6. IFA- Independent Financial Advisers Insurance planning with regards to Life Insurance, General Insurance, Retirement planning with regards to fixed income instruments.

The empanelment process takes in to consideration not only their academic qualification but also their Experience. Equally critical is follow the code of Ethical Practice Standards as mandated by the respective boards and institutes.

‘One-size fits all’ does not apply to money matters. In order to give the user a customized advice, the questions, (depending on the category and sub-category) are outsourced to the consultant who has niche expertise in the said category. Three {3} iterations are allowed to go back & forth between the user and the consultant. This helps in collecting the required and relevant data, and gets a better understanding of the users needs. The consultant can then send you a tailor-made and most appropriate solution to your query.


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Win-Win Situation

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